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We specialize in military and senior moves at Military U-Move. We aim to make the transition to your new duty station as smooth as possible. We can handle the stressful parts of moving for you. Make your move successful with our cost-effective services.

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Fast, Affordable & Reliable Movers

If you're in the Military, a veteran, or even a senior citizen, who's looking for a seriously good deal on your next move, then you've come to the right place. We offer fast, affordable, and reliable moving services ideal for any needs and budget. Learn more about our offers by contacting us today! .

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U-Move is a California ProMover

U-Move is a California ProMover. U-Move is a Sacramento-based moving company focused on providing top-notch moving services at an affordable price. We work together with a team to complete the job properly and make sure your property is moved safely, carefully, and smoothly.

Professional Military & Senior Relocation Services

Moving is undeniably a stressful phase. You need to pack, load, unload and unpack your belongings, which takes a lot of strength and effort. It is certainly not everyone’s cup of tea, especially for seniors who cannot lift heavy weights or those in the military with little time to spare. Luckily, we’re here to help. We offer full-packaged Senior & Military moving services. Our team will make your move feel like a breeze, order to order.

Our movers are polite, effecient, timely, and respectful. They will handle all of your belongings as if they were their own. Each one has undergone intensive training that involves constant workshops, seminars, and classes. You can then sit back and relax knowing only the bests are taking care of your items.

✔️ Assistance with Relocation, Deployment, and Transition

✔️ Information About The Destination Area and Preparation Before Relocating

✔️ Providing Temporary and Permanent Housing Services, with an Emphasis on Finding Appropriate, Affordable Housing

A Look Into Our Process

We understand how valuable time is for our clients. As such, we made sure to make our Senior & Military moving services as efficient as possible. We’ll roll out the red carpet for you, literally, and load your items into our trucks in no time. To give you a better understanding, here’s a look into our process:

  1. Start by giving our representatives a call
  2. Let us know the details of your move, including the type of service you need.
  3. Once you give us the information, we’ll get back to you with a quote.
  4. When everything is final, we’ll come to your location, pack and load your items into our trucks before hitting the road.
  5. Our team will then unload and unpack your items at the location of your choice. You won’t even have to lift a finger.


Whether you need a full-service Senior & Military moving or are looking for some additional help, we’re here for you. Our affordable prices are a great way to save on your relocation. To add, we offer a 10% discount for senior citizens, members and veterans of the Armed Forces. Give us a call today and we’ll take the stress out of moving!

Why Choose U-Move?

The best way to have a safe and successful move is by hiring professionals. They know how much protection your items need, what materials are appropriate for the task at hand (e.g., plastic wrap, packig tape, etc.), as well as where to put these boxes in the truck for the safest move.




Call 916-277-0521 or email us today for a free quote!

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Do you have a question about moving? If you don’t see your concerns answered from the questions below, please give us a call. We’ll answer all your questions promptly.

Yes, we are fully licensed and insured to provide the best service with a smile. Our movers’ team will help ease your transition so that you can focus less on the logistics and more on your new home or apartment.

Trust experienced movers at U-Move to get your piano moved with care.

We know that preparation is key. We make sure you have all of the necessary equipment and precautions before moving it on a dolly or skid board for transportation into our truck. We secure all pianos in transit by strapping them down onto their respective surface area(s). We understand how important basic prep work can be when transporting large instruments such as a piano!

We offer moving services 6 days a week, Mon – Friday from 6am to 9pm and Sat-Sun 6am to 9pm.

Yes, we work on weekends. But before you hire a mover for your planned weekend relocation, you should book your move in our calendar.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, stressed out and tired of the daunting task of moving yourself, professional full-service movers are for you. We will take care of all your relocation needs. You don’t need to do anything but sit back, relax and watch our crew perform like clockwork without lifting a finger! We offer great convenience at an affordable price.

We will pack everything for you. You may be able to pack your items by yourself, but if you don’t use quality packing supplies and proper packing methods, chances are that both fragile and breakables will end up shattered or destroyed.

You might have the best of intentions when it comes to safety in mind, but without the experience as a pro on what is appropriate for different types of goods, it may pose certain risks, things like delicate glassware smashing against other heavy boxes. Our expert movers have the experience when it comes to safely package all your belongings.

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